Pub licences depend on CIT Christmas Day boycot

Ruth Ní Mhaonghaile

Two bars in Bishopstown, Co. Cork are unable to renew their liquor licences, until they prove that they will have nothing to do with “CIT Christmas Day”, due to objections from Gardaí and local residents.

“CIT Christmas day” is renowned for attracting students from throughout the South-West, coming from various colleges such as UCC, UL, Waterford IT, Athlone IT and Limerick IT.

The event takes place towards the end of November and consists of students drinking all day. This has caused much disorder in the Bishopstown area, with residents complaining about drunken students in residential areas with extra Garda assistance required.

The pubs in question, The Bishopstown Bar and McCarthy’s Bar, are synonymous with holding the event. Richard O’Brian, proprietor of McCarthy’s Bar, had his licence renewed by Judge Riordan, but only after he vowed that “no students will be facilitated at McCarthy’s Bar on the day known as CIT Christmas Day.” Mr. O’Brian promised that no musical or social event which may lead to students participating in this day will be organised.

The application for licence renewal of Publican Kieran Horgan, The Bishopstown Bar, has been adjourned until the 28th of October. Objections by Gardaí and residents are likely to be withdrawn if Mr. Horgan gives a similar undertaking to Mr. O’Brian

Presently, it is uncertain whether the event will take place. The CIT SU Education Officer stated that “this year the college or none of the local bars are running events and so we are positive that this day will not happen.” The college itself, including the SU, has never been involved in the day so it will be up to the students themselves to either quit the tradition or find another way to continue it. One CIT student remarked that though there will be no advertising of the day or official events planned, the students themselves will still celebrate it.

These recent controversies surrounding the event show that for the past three years the Grinch was unable to steal the unofficial ‘CIT Christmas Day’, and it is unlikely that he will be able to again this year.


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