100 Years of Ulysses

February 16, 2022

Ulysses was published on February 2nd, 1922 in Paris by Parisian bookseller, Sylvia Beach
who owned the world renowned Shakespeare and Company bookshop. Read more…


The story of Jaqueline Wilson

December 12, 2018

Although, Jaqueline Wilson is not exactly like your typical children’s author. She deals with darker subject matters than other children’s books, straying away from fantasies about fairies or stories about a troublesome child who torments his younger brother. Wilson’s stories explored themes such as broken families, domestic abuse, mental illnesses, and the foster care system. Read more…


Michelle Obama tells her inspirational story in new book

December 12, 2018

While working for a Chicago based law firm, Sidley & Austin, she met her future husband, Barack Obama. She describes the early days of their relationship of how she would refer to him as an “exotic geek” and later described him as a unicorn. It is evident they formed an unbreakable bond from their initial meeting. Read more…


The power of the short story

November 14, 2018

Short stories can be revisited time and time again and one will often discover something new each time as you read deeper beneath the surface. It is these layered meanings found in great short stories that makes them more dynamic than books. Read more…


Bukowski: Lessons from “A laureate of American low life”

October 31, 2018

What separates Bukowski from the ranks of other famous poets is that his language is comprehensible and sadly simple. There is no room for rhyme, alliteration or onomatopoeia in his 1500 collected poems, so how can he even be considered a poet? What makes this cynical alcoholic a poet is that he evokes genuine feelings from the reader. Read more…


Ready Player One novel falls flat

April 4, 2018

You could debate for days about book to movie adaptations. Ernest Cline’s ‘Ready Player One’ leaps from pages to the silver screen in Ireland on March 30th, a release that is highly anticipated due to Read more…


Oh My God What a Complete Aisling

February 21, 2018

  “Loads of the girls in work are like her. Real sensible types, all from down the country. One of them wears her county jersey every casual Friday and then throws on a pair of Read more…


Love in Row 27 leaves you flying high

February 14, 2018

Contemporary romance novels are normally littered with predictability, cringe-worthy chance meetings and, of course, love and attraction at first sight. However, for Eithne Shortall’s debut novel, this could not be further from the truth. While Read more…


The 10 Most Timeless Reads

November 15, 2017

A leading art critic of the Victorian era once said, “All books are divisible into two classes, the books of the hour, and the books of all time.” This quote is still true today. Here are Read more…


Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

September 27, 2017

Milk and Honey is a stunning poetry book written by Rupi Kaur, a Canadian writer of Indian descent. In the beginning, she posted her work on Instagram along with simple drawings which are a key Read more…