The College View is Dublin City University’s only student newspaper, independently run voluntarily by students affiliated to DCU’s Journalism Society. The newspaper was first published in 1999 after changing its name from The Bullsheet, its predecessor.

The College View has nine sections – News, Opinions, Features, Irish, Sports, Lifestyle, Satire, Science and Tech and our arts section, The Hype. These sections cover everything from DCU student issues to national student issues, humour and satire to life through the eyes of students, as well as extensive sports coverage and analysis. The Irish section is written and edited by students studying Journalism through Irish in DCU.

The College View is published fortnightly on Wednesday, with six issues per semester and is circulated among 12,000 students as well as DCU lecturers and staff.

Community standards and participation guidelines

The College View reserves the right to delete comments which it deems abusive. Such comments are deemed to be directly insulting, racist, sexist, xenophobic, or homophobic to other readers or its staff of journalists and writers.

The College View welcomes criticism and opposing viewpoints through constructive and rational debate and wishes to create an atmosphere which encourages an open dialogue.