Netflix Renews That ’90s Show for a Second Season

February 15, 2023

The first season of the That ‘70s Show spinoff landed on Netflix this January, hitting the streaming platform’s ‘Top 10 English TV’ list in 35 countries. With the debut season already garnering over 41 million hours in streaming worldwide, here’s what we can expect from Season Two. Read more…


That ’90s Show – Review

February 1, 2023

With a brand new cast and cameos from our favourite characters from the original series, the question everyone’s asking is- is the spin-off just as good as the original? Read more…


The Pentaverate Review – Mike Myers’ Cult of Personalities

May 31, 2022

Despite the wide variety of acclaimed television shows that people keep telling me to watch, from Money Heist to Stranger Things, I somehow ended up binging The Pentaverate. A show about a secret society that controls the world from the shadows… made up exclusively of characters played by Mike Myers. How could I not be intrigued? Read more…


Rick and Morty Season 5 – Has it lived up to past Seasons?

March 23, 2022

Rick and Morty debuted in 2013 and it has made an impact as another eminent adult animation, with
positive TV ratings and acclaimed awards, cool merchandise and it’s large presence within
internet culture, but has its latest season lived up to the success of beloved earlier seasons? Read more…


After Life review: Ricky Gervais’ grief-com ends

February 2, 2022

Ricky Gervais created a show that grips you through it’s mundane depiction of everyday life, it’s agonizing depiction of the motions of grief with an added sprinkle of dark, cynical humour. Shows of this caliber are far and few between. Read more…


Why It’s Okay not to Watch Euphoria

January 22, 2022

When you think back on your formative years, do you think editorial eyewear, cinematic realism and couture school outfits? Yeah, me neither. However, this does not mean the entirety of Euphoria should be up for quick dismissal. Read more…


Tommy Tiernan brings us the goods

March 24, 2021

RTÉ has extended the Tommy Tiernan show by six weeks due to popular demand. The fan favourite show was due to finish it is ten-week run on March 6th. The show will now air its Read more…


It’s a Sin Review

March 23, 2021

“It’s a Sin” will mash your emotions up like a potato and tug your heartstrings along a cheese grater. Makes a delicious meal then, but it’s heavy going. Do with that what you will, but it gets a hearty recommendation from me. Read more…


How reality TV adapted to the pandemic

January 27, 2021

While people are at home watching television more than ever in the last number of months, reality TV has had to take a knock due to coronavirus restrictions.