IGM’s first Christmas market comes to Kilcullen

Molly Steele

November 5th saw the Irish Gaming Market’s first event take place in Kilcullen Community Centre, Co. Kildare. At only €6.34 for a general admission ticket, attendees got to enjoy a day of shopping, gaming, and good food. 

Families, friends and pop culture enthusiasts gathered at the centre in Castlemartin to shop all things gaming, from retro consoles to the latest PC systems. The event had a free play area where attendees of all ages could rock out with some Guitar Hero or speedrun Resident Evil 2 for the best time as part of the LucyLover challenge. Tabletop gaming fans spent their time painting miniature figures and buildings in the Warhammer workshop. At the same time, Dungeons and Dragons newbies embarked on the quest of a lifetime at the beginner DnD table. 

The fully booked artists and trader hall showcased local talent with plenty of gifts to buy for friends and family or just as a treat for yourself. Figurines, stickers, art prints, dioramas, and gaming accessories were all on display for attendees to partake in. Pop culture fanatics were in wonderland with arts and crafts from Marvel and DC, to Animal Crossing and Zelda to One Piece and Studio Ghibli. With cosplayers roaming the floor and video game tournaments drawing crowds of people, the local centre was full of fun and excitement. 

A gaming extravaganza for all ages at Kilculen Community Centre, Co. Kildare. /Molly Steele

Food and refreshments were provided by Fun Foods, fuelling attendees with pizza, hot dogs, waffles, and crepes, while The Coffee Hatch served hot drinks and baked goods. 

For those who don’t wish to travel far or feel overwhelmed by huge crowds, IGM’s debut event is perfect for people who prefer local events to large conventions like Comic-Con or MegaCon. The sell-out event was a safe and friendly environment, with welcoming staff, vendors, and creators there to keep everyone entertained. Irish Gaming Market’s next event is undoubtedly one to look forward to. 

SciTech Editor, Molly Steele