ISS data loss may not be retrievable.

By Sorcha Jowitt

The information system and services (ISS) department may have accidentally wiped five days of students work some of which may not be retrievable.

The College View spoke to an ISS worker who explained exactly what happened.

‘The power cut last Wednesday disabled the back-up system for the Mac servers which should run daily. It was meant to go back online the night before the data loss but didn’t.’

When ISS ran a maintenance code or script that morning it unintentionally wiped all work from the system. Normally the back-up system would have the information and students work but as there were no back up’s conducted since the power cut the last five days of students work on the Mac computers in the School of Communications Building have been lost.

Furthermore, no one in the School of Communications knows how to deal with this extent of data loss.

“They’ve outsourced Mac repairs to a company called Mactivate.”

The Mactivate website values its repair services as between €35 to €139.

Although ISS have been blamed for the problem so far the Mac computers were described as a ‘grey area’ by our source.

“ISS doesn’t want to take responsibility for their maintenance even though it is their job.”

Students are advised to get in contact with lecturers regarding deadlines and data loss via a class rep until further information is available on the issue.


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