Year’s First Toxic Tuesday

by Sinead Brennan

The first Toxic Tuesday of the new academic year brought the weekly event back with a bang.  Phantom hosted the night and with bands Royseven and Ham Sandwich performing, it was a great success.

The Nubar and the Venue were both packed full of students with many being refused entry due to such large crowds.  On average between 600-800 people can be accommodated when the Venue is set up for a gig.

It took the events team approximately six hours to get the bar and the Venue set up for the opening night, which is standard for their usual Toxic Tuesday set up.

Ashley, a member of the events team said, “We hope to be full and based on last year we should be full by 10pm.  The fact we’re opening the Venue as well, we’re expecting a big crowd.”

The majority of students seemed very pleased with the first Toxic Tuesday of the new semester but with long queues and overcrowding there was only some downsides.

Conor Donohoe, chairperson of the Journalism Society, remarked, “It was a very good start to the year, it got very packed quite quickly and seemed a bit overcrowded at times.  The bar staff were great though for getting people their drinks so quickly which really helped.”

The students weren’t the only ones to enjoy the night with Niamh Farrell of Ham Sandwich saying, “There was a really good crowd, it was quiet at the start but as we started playing the crowd reacted really well.”

Overall the night was a great success and judging by the crowds at the second Toxic Tuesday of the semester, it is set to be as popular as last year.

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