Is Irishness enough to maintain us as a significant player in Europe?

March 7, 2018

With the fallout from Brexit we sneer at Britain and bolster our own sense of national pride, but it is easy to overlook our own selfish approach to Europe’s resources. As a nation we love to be loved. The “best fans in the world”, our culture and history is celebrated across the globe, just friendly rogues out for the craic. Read more…


How taxing is an internship

October 11, 2017

While most of my peers were out at festivals, working in summer camps abroad or travelling around Europe, I spent my summer working in an accountancy, audit and tax firm and I loved it. Though Read more…

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LIVE: Budget 2015

October 14, 2014

Join us today for Budget 2015 coverage, where we will have up-to-the-minute details on everything from Leinster House, both here and on our Twitter (@thecollegeview).