“I’m so happy the College View had one shortlist and it happened to be the article I wrote!” – Editor-in-chief shortlisted for Student Journalism Award

Chief News Editor Katie O’Shaughnessy

Editor-in-Chief of the College View Hannah Daygo was shortlisted for a student journalism award. Hannah Daygo has been nominated for Best Lifestyle Piece by the Student Publication Association. The piece was titled ‘Girl talks empower: How a single conversation helped me discover my fibroadenoma’. 

Hannah published her piece last March to celebrate International Women’s Month.  She shared her story about her experience with the difficult process of getting diagnosed with fibroadenoma, which is a non-cancerous breast tumour. 

Hannah used her piece to urge other young women to trust their instincts about their bodies and open the conversation up about breast checks. She wrote: “I believed that anyone older than me knows me better than – me”. The experience has allowed her to grow and trust in herself far more. 

Hannah was ecstatic when finding out she was nominated. She had been keeping an eye on SPA’s Instagram page and was counting down to the announcement. She recalled: “I was walking at Clontarf station when I refreshed the page, then I saw The College View – then my name! After that I was shaking… I was speechless”.

Hannah is the only student shortlisted for the Lifestyle award from Ireland. Alongside her are nominees from many of the largest UK colleges including Oxford, Newcastle and York. 

The awards are the highlight of a three-day student journalism conference. The award nominations honour student journalists from all across Ireland and the UK. The award ceremony will take place on the final night of a three day conference in Bristol. Hannah will be judged by a legion of high level editors and reporters. While none of these judges have been announced yet, speakers at the conference include Luke Jacobs, Digital Editor for The Guardian and Ross Clarke, a freelance travel and food writer. 

Hannah hopes to attend the event in person. However, she is awaiting funding. We, at the College View, hope she can attend in person to properly celebrate this huge honour. 

Chief News Editor Katie O’Shaughnessy