The Impact of Taylor Swift

Chloe Farrell

How she went from one of the most hated celebrities to one of the most loved within just a few years

Taylor Swift’s rapid rise to stardom started at just the young age of 14, yet she has managed to maintain an ever-changing yet remarkable career to this day. With her current Eras Tour being labelled as “the most successful tour/film combo in music history” (, it is clear that the 12-time Grammy Award-winning star has earned herself and her brand this level of status. But this implausible level of success and fame was, of course, not seen without the splash of a harsh and invidious hate train, but for what reason? 

Swift has broken records for having the most Number 1 albums created by a female artist (, and to this day still dominates as being one of the most prominent female artists there is. So why is it that she has accumulated so much hate throughout her career? Could it merely be her ability to relight a cultural phenomenon constantly? 

Considering that Swift gained such a loyal and loving fanbase, starting as a country singer from Pennsylvania, it may explain why there was such hate when she ended up…growing up? People disliked her growth and wanted her to remain as the ‘classic country princess’ they felt she started as. 

The transition from country singer to pop star was a change that left some day one “Swifties” torn about her new image. Almost confounded at the fact that she would not stay a teenager forever, some fans couldn’t grasp the fact she was stepping into a new era of her life. Hate began to manifest, and her once lily-white song lyrics were now seen as vitriolic and bitter. Perhaps this illuminates the double standard which lies within the music industry. Swift was undoubtedly the most scrutinised for this style of writing despite her male competitors doing the same. This hate train was a surprise, fuelled by the press. 

“The age-old question: do we love to hate Taylor Swift because she is whiny and unlikeable, or do we love to hate her because she is a woman expressing emotions in the music industry.” (

This quote taken from a publisher is just one example of how the press drove this unremitting narrative about Taylor Swift’s music for years. However, it was her resilience and ability to stay irrepressible to the hate that allowed her to survive this era. In her 2017 album ‘Reputation’, she faced further scrutiny for being accused of stirring up drama with other celebrities and victimisation. However, this again was mainly over-dramatised by the press amid the infamous Kim Kardashian and Kanye West feud, which really underscores her ability to face the heat of the drama fearlessly. She was not and still isn’t a figure to back down easily, yet has maintained her poise and elegance throughout her entire career. 

Swift’s ability to reinvent her image through each of her albums may be the reason she has remained one of the most prominent female stars of our time. She has still been nothing but unapologetically herself, hence why she stands as one of the most loved celebrities there is. There is no doubt that the press is selective about which celebrities they choose to put under fire; only the Taylor Swift hate trend has become old now. Instead, Swift still dominates the entertainment and music industry with her talent and hard work, coming ‘back stronger than a 90s trend.’

Chloe Farrell

Image by ktphotography from Pixabay