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Apps can be used for much more than just gaming and social networking, they can be a tool used to help improve your health and well-being. Here’s a roundup of our favourite free lifestyle apps.

For getting fit.

Nike Training Club: Nike are at the forefront of most things fitness related so it is no surprise that they have created this gem of an app. Think personal trainer but less intimidating. This app shows you which exercises to do for the body you want and how to do them from the comfort of your home. There is a great selection of exercises so you can substitute the ones you detest for ones you only mildly dislike.

For Weight loss.

My Fitness Pal: My fitness pal is a combination of a calorie counter and exercise tracker. It works by inputting everything you’ve eaten, right down to that half of a twix bar and all the exercise you have done during the day. The app will then tell you how many calories you should be consuming and burning to get to your desired weight in your desired timeframe.

For a high tech alarm call.

Sleep Time: This app works by tracking your sleeping patterns during the night and waking you up during your lightest phase of sleep so you don’t feel groggy. For example if you set your alarm for 8.30am, Sleep time will wake you at the time between 8am and 8.30am that you are closest to awake. Perfect for people who find they are half asleep for the first two hours of their day.

For Running.

Map My Run: Is one of the most accurate GPS running apps on the market. Although there is a paid version, the free one is just as good. Map my run does what it says on the tin, with some added bonuses. The app will encourage you at preset points in your run, telling you how far you are and what pace you’re running at. Best of all for those who like to gloat, you can post to Facebook when you’re finished.

For Gym Dodgers.

GymPact: GymPact is an app created for those people who want results at the gym but tend to lack the determination to go religiously. The idea is simple, if you check in at your gym you get paid, but if you skip a workout it will cost you. Rewards are paid with the money other GymPact users have lost, so if you don’t go you are paying for someone else to. The perfect motivation not to miss a workout.

For Stress.

Calm: Calm offers a seven step programme to help the user relax and unwind. The relaxation techniques range from two to 30 minutes so are perfect for both busy students and those with a little more time on their hands. This app will be particularly useful when you need a break around exam time and when assignments are due.

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