Freshers Guide: How To Deal With A Hangover

Whether you’re tee-total or a fully-fledged party animal, everyone is familiar with the concept of a hangover. Generally speaking, things seem to get a little bit more intense once you progress to third level, and hangovers are no exception to the rule. Here is the Fresher’s guide for refreshing the morning after the night before.

Symptom: Cotton Mouth

Solution: When your tongue feels like a cactus in a desert made of sandpaper, this is because alcohol is a diuretic which causes dehydration. That second heartbeat that’s coming from your head is actually your body zapping water from the brain in an attempt to rehydrate.
Sometimes, however, “the thirst” cannot be quenched by mere tap water; enter chocolate milk [blissful combination of lactose, sucrose, carbs and protein] or a fruit smoothie [perfect blend of vitamins and sugars] or a tomato juice [lycopene and vitamin C].
If all else fails reach for the Alka-Seltzer which boasts sodium bicarbonate, helping neutralise stomach acid and ease hangovers for over 80 years.

Symptom: The Fear

Solution: “The Fear” is the feeling that you may have ruined your life the night before.
Side effects of The Fear include a reluctance to leave your bed for the rest of the semester, debilitating flashbacks and heart-sinking paranoia.
I believe the root of The Fear lies in reckless pre-drinking; pace yourself until you get to the dark confines of a bar/club and then just hope everyone else is on the same downward spiral debauchery. People in glass houses as they say…

Symptom: The Hunger

Solution: Generally speaking, it is what you eat before your night’s antics that counts, but when you’re surrounded by greasy offerings in the college canteen after a night on the town, The Hunger makes itself known.
Before you load up your lunch tray, think about your flailing blood sugar and the potential roller coaster effect the food may trigger in your stomach. Opt for eggs [with amino acids and liver-friendly taurine], bananas [fructose, potassium and natural antacids to help combat nausea], chicken or tomato soup [replenish potassium, sodium and electrolytes] and fruit [fructose boosts the body’s energy].

Always remember: Sleep it off, the hair of the dog simply prolongs the inevitable, moderation is the only real prevention and time is the only genuine healer.

Freya Drohan

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