Review: Stereophonics – Graffiti On The Train

Graffiti On The Train is the latest studio album from Welsh rock band Stereophonics. Things seem to have gone quiet in recent years for a band that have had five number one albums in the UK (behind The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, ABBA, Genesis and Oasis).

The opening track isn’t great but “Indian Summer” which follows is by far one of the strongest tracks on the album. Kelly Jones’ gravelly vocals sound strangely like Rod Stewart, but somehow it works in this particular track which is the first single released from the album. The track is not ground-breaking but it’s a good listen and is sure to receive significant air-play over the coming months.

Most of the following tracks are fairly forgettable, but tracks such as “Roll the Dice” and “Violence and Tambourines” offer a bit more, featuring trumpets, strings and some other interesting variations from the norm.

In the penultimate track “In A Moment” we can hear full vocals similar to that of “Mr. Writer”. It’s also quite catchy and features a nice flighty piano riff.

The final track “No One’s Perfect” lets the album down in the end. It’s not unlistenable per-se but the lyrics are bland and dull as is the music and Jones’ whiny vocals do nothing to lift the album for one final kick. Overall it’s a decent piece of work but a far cry from the boys who brought us Just Enough Education To Perform over ten years ago.

2/5 stars

Aoife Gray

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