Review: Bressie – Rage & Romance

A year and a half after his first solo album, the former Blizzards lead Bressie, has released a second album. Much to my own surprise, the album actually came as a welcome and enjoyable experience. Gold star, Bressie (just one though). Co-written with Eliot James, who has steered acts such as Two Door Cinema Club and Bloc Party into the mainstream, the duo appear to be on target with this one.

The album reveals a more vulnerable side to the Mullingar native, touching on issues such as anxiety and dealing with fame while leaving the poppy vibes and overly predictable choruses of the Blizzards behind him.

“Silence is your Saviour” is one track I’m all in favour of. With one listen to the guitar-heavy, contemporary tune and the oh-so-deep lyrics we feel like we’re all helping Bressie through his difficulties. Without being too soppy or pathetic, the song is a toe-tapping encourager.

If only the same could be said for “Two’s a Crowd”. What are you doing Bressie? It’s mellow and wallowing, and honestly lacks any real climax. It is a let down to the rest of the album. Black mark, Bressie.

Aside from loving Bressie for his chinos, cheek and chair beside the lovely Corr sister on The Voice, it is actually acceptable now to love the tattooed mogul for his music too. The album has a nice balance of tempos and is a solid radio friendly ensemble. Good work, Bressie, now off you all flock and catch The Buff on tour in May.

4/5 stars

Niamh Breathnach

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