Review: Mmoths – Diaries EP

After a much acclaimed self-titled debut, Mmoths returns 12 months later with EP number two, Diaries. The title is comes from a collection of photographs taken by Jack Colleran (a.k.a Mmoths) during his time spent touring America. Colleran stated himself: “The idea behind the name is – I decided to get a diary and take a camera with me, to try and document everything that’s been happening to me over the past year. It started in Europe and moved to the states. I spent so much money on rolls and rolls of film that lasted all of 2 days. My camera broke, I lost my pen. In essence, these tracks took their place.”

Diaries certainly has hints of that familiar surging, ethereal sound we first heard on previous tracks ‘Summer’ and ‘Hearts’, however these tracks contain a whirling melancholic heaviness that didn’t exist before. The tracks are filled with the usual chimes and clashing beats reminiscent of his debut, on which Colleran wanted tracks to sound as though they had been made in a church. However, at times the EP verges on becoming overwrought with gloom but is saved by uplifting track ‘All These Things’. The stand-out track features vocals from Holly Miranda laid over howling synth and a grappling bass recaptures our attention just in time to leave us hopeful.

Overall this is a promising return from Mmoths; it seems he is experimenting with different sounds, moods and themes discovering where he might go next. Hopefully this experimentation may lead to something new, fresh and progressive next time round.

Rating: 3/5
Roisin McVeigh

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