USI President responds to Doherty’s criticism

DCU Students’ Union have been invited to the Union of Students’ in Ireland’s national congress meeting due to take place next week.

USI President John Logue said he has been in contact with DCU SU President Paul Doherty since Doherty’s scathing interview in the last issue of The College View. Logue revealed that Doherty had told him to take the article “with a pinch of salt”.

Logue said members of DCU SU have been invited to the USI’s congress next week. However, at the time of going to print, the USI had yet to receive a response.

Logue also told The College View he was convinced the referendum would never have reached quorum were it not for the USI’s controversial presence on campus and he branded the ‘No’ side as “non-existent” during the campaign.

Responding to Doherty’s anti-USI sentiment in his interview, Logue said he was aware during the campaign that Doherty was unsure of his feelings towards USI.

Logue told The College View: “Paul himself had said that he has been back and forth on this issue throughout the year; at times he’s been very positive towards re-affiliation, at times he’s been positive they should stay out”.

Logue said had a good relationship with Doherty and it was his view that “if Paul felt so strongly about it, I know Paul would have come out on this because he’s good at what he does. I’m not going to take that away from him”.

“He was caught between a rock and a hard place. I’m not sure to be quite honest with you what his position prior to the referendum was, all I know what that he was constitutionally bound to say no to it”.

Sam Griffin and Aoife Mullen

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