‘Shoesing’ the perfect style

‘You can never have too many shoes or handbags’, ‘they’ always say. Who are they? No one knows, maybe it was Carrie Bradshaw. Regardless of who said it, they were completely right. Shoes are an integral part of the overall effect of an outfit. However, finding the right kind of shoe for your needs can be an arduous task for even the most hardened of shoppers.

Remember the pain of going shoe shopping before the start of the school year? Not only was it harrowing going back to school, but you had to traipse around shoe shop after shoe shop arguing with your folks about appropriate heel heights. There was no easy book list to adhere to. In fact, it was the one and only opportunity for your teenage self to express any sense of individuality beneath the plaid monstrosity of a uniform.

Unfortunately, shopping for work shoes is no easier. If your job is formal, a mid-heel is the perfect combination of comfort and style. Don’t be deceived by the allure of a smaller heel. They still hurt. So, to avoid the balls of your feet feeling like you’re walking on hot coals, invest in a style that has a platform. Essentially, the bigger the platform, the less pain you feel. For informal, more student-friendly jobs, look no further than a chunky brogue or loafer style shoe. Yes, it may be giving your mother just what she wanted all those years ago, but they will be infinitely more comfortable than a flat. The ideal heel height for someone who works on their feet is about an inch or so. Otherwise your knees will hurt. A lot.

For day-to-day wear, you need look no further than a simple ankle boot. Whether it be spring or summer, an ankle boot has your back. We’ve all been there: you leave the house in glorious sunshine only to arrive at your destination soaked. Then, to add insult to injury, your feet are sliding around in a pool inside a ballet pump. This crisis could have been averted with a simple ankle boot.  Ankle boots are still firmly on the fashion radar for Spring / Summer 2013. To ensure a more season appropriate look, go for ankle boots with a cut-out detail in a tan or white. Just make sure to invest in a leather or suede protector to keep them clean. They’ll still look fresh, even when the sun is shining.

Shoes are never more important than when you’re going out. Not only do they need to be comfortable, they also need to really pull the outfit together. Then shoes can be the show-piece of the outfit. For those nights when nothing seems to work right, a black dress and a whopper pair of platforms will keep your head held high. This year, high heels are back and the higher the better. It is the return of the stripper platform heel. Just remember to practise your strut and walk with pride.

Eimear Shannon

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