What’s The Story? Flux talks to Paddy McKenna of Storyfold

Paddy McKenna, of 2fm’s The Weekenders, is the lead singer of Irish band Storyfold. Paddy is joined on stage by Lindsey Hogan, Jim McGourty, Sean McDonnell and Michael Fortune.

Only knocking around two years, the band has had incredible success already. Their debut album Rocket Science made its first appearance in the charts in the top 30. They have also played at Sea Sessions, Arthur’s Day, The Grand Social, Croke Park and even the President’s gaf in Phoenix Park.
We caught up with the charismatic Leitrim man, fresh off the stage from the group’s latest gig in Whelan’s. He revealed all the inside information on Storyfold’s love of cucumber sandwiches and Declan Nerney – erm, right…

Where and what are you are up to at the moment?
At the moment we’re demoing for our 2nd album and eating a lot of chocolate. Mostly Twixes and Bournevilles or ‘balleens’ as Mick calls them. I’m not sure why exactly. It’s a fun time of writing and experimenting. It’s probably my favourite time as a musician.

Obviously you have your radio, what do the rest of the guys do as their day job?
A mixture of librarians, accountants and music curators. Jim used to dye Noel Edmonds’ beard for a living. Edmonds is really particular about it being this certain shade, Saharan Brown, and you have to do a square inch at a time to ensure the best possible coverage. It just became too time consuming so packed it in to focus on the band.

If it came to it, would you step back from your radio gig for the band?
I love doing both. I work in the music industry, just at opposite ends of it from afternoon to evening….

What has been the biggest and craziest moment with the band to date? Any ‘pinch yourself’ moments?
Playing Croke Park to 40,000 people was deadly. Myself and Jim are from Leitrim and we both realised that everyone who’d said we would never play midfield in Croke Park was wrong. We played for President Higgins and his wife in the Aras, which was all very surreal. He’s a great man, a proper supporter of music and the arts. The tea and nibbles were also superb up there. Superb.

Do you write a good bit of your own stuff?
We write our own stuff, yes. Rocket Science is all original and so is the new one. There were murmurings of a Declan Nerney cover/homage but I can neither confirm nor deny.

Who do you aspire to be/sound like?
The lads who did “Mmmmmbop”, Hanson – we’d like to look them too so we’re all growing out our hair and dying it blonde. Should be ready for the next album cover.

Was being in a band always the dream?
Once I realised I wasn’t going to be tall enough to play pro basketball for the Utah Jazz.

If you were to support anyone on stage who would it be?
Biffy Clyro and the Nerney.

What sound should we expect from the next album?
Ummm, we’re literally right in the middle of that so I’ll need to get back to you on that one. Although, I can tell you that I’ve invested the princely sum of €2.50 in a shiny new Kazoo and it’s bloody going on. The rest of the band think I’m joking but…[evil laugh]

What will the name of the follow up to Rocket Science?
Jeez, that’s something we’ll probably decide upon right before we absolutely have to. I joked onstage the other night it was going to be called It’s Not Rocket Science. Sean (the drummer) said he was leaving the band if that came to pass. I’m not sure if I should call that bluff… he looks a bit like Johnny Sexton so y’know, he’s angry and stuff.

Future plans?
We’ll record the new album in ’13 and hopefully have something from it to release before the year is out but we’re going to take our time and make sure it sounds the way we want it to sound. Outside of that, we’d like to go back and play in the Aras again, so I can load up on the cucumber sambos again, they were whopper.

If you can’t wait till the end of the year to hear Paddy again, you can catch him every weekend on 2fm. To keep up to date with all the band’s news, follow them on the tweet machine, @storyfold, or on the band’s website: www.storyfold.net.

Emma Jane Hade

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