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Paddy’s Day

It is that time of the year again. When all of a sudden, we are down with our Oirish roots. March is the month of St. Patrick, and what a great man he was. Not only did he rid our fair isle from slimy snakes, he also invented the concept of all day drinking. However, there is so much more to this particular day than just the ability to down a naggin in two gulps. Across the city, and indeed, the country there are fun, free and festive events to celebrate everything Irish. From every building ever being turned green to an outdoor Céilí, there’s no excuse not to get out and have all of the fun.

Longitude Festival

Oxegen will not be held this year. We can only assume two reasons for this: too many of the festival’s usual attendees couldn’t get their FAS courses off and Muse weren’t available to play. BUT FEAR NOT, as there’s a shiny new festival happening this Summer, and the lineup is legitimately amazing.

Taking place in Dublin’s Marlay Park from 19th to 21st July, Longitude has a seriously impressive lineup, including huge acts like Kraftwerk, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Vampire Weekend, plus exciting new artists like AlunaGeorge and Sohn. Tickets are also dzurrt cheap at 129.50 for the full weekend– we’ve scanned for flaws, there were none found. READY YOUR LIVERS.


Goats. The less adorable farmyard animal. They don’t have the same cuddliness as sheep, nor the hilarity of pigs. Some might say they are the social pariahs in Old McDonald’s farm. That was until some genius gave the Goat a new edgy makeover. Take something as simplistic as a Taylor Swift video, add in a screaming goat and, you have yourself the latest Internet fad. Not only is it the most likeable anything involving T. Swift has been in quite some time, it’s also introduced reams of alternative versions from Bon Jovi to Skrillex. Most importantly, it’s the most relevant goats have been since the Three Billy Goats Gruff, and it’s definitely their time to shine.

Jennifer Lawrence

After winning an Oscar for best female actor, Jennifer Lawrence was photographed smoking a (well-deserved) blunt during the week. We have to give her props, she is is certifiably LIVING THE LIFE. An Oscar at 22, millions in the bank, incredibly talented, a hugely successful career, the adoration of pretty much everyone, and she still has the time to chill out with friends? Get it, Jlaw. In a world where young stars seem to get put up on pedestals and made act like robots, it’s refreshing seeing someone actually act their age and do what anyone in their early twenties does. Kudos, Jennifer Lawrence, for remaining grounded. There’s a “falling at the Oscars” joke there, but frankly we’re above it.

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