Hundreds come to DCU for Science Hack Day

Hundreds of engineers, scientists and artists flocked to DCU’s hub last Saturday and Sunday to take part in Science hack day.

Science hack day is a 36 hour event that brings together people from all different fields in order to attempt to solve problems (hacks) in a quick and creative way.

Speaking at the launch of the event organiser, Dr David McKeown of UCD said they are looking to spark innovation and create something new. “Science Hack Day gives people the chance to get excited about making things again. It is about being creative with science, about being social and working with new people with different skills.”

The event was organised by Dr McKeown and DCU PhD candidate Alan Armstrong.

This is the second time the event has been run in Dublin after successful Science hack days all over the world including London, Mexico City and Chicago.

Science Hack Day is part of a larger movement of “hacking” as a new collaborative approach to problem solving.

Adam Higgins

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