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Getting Over Taylor

There’s a weird sense of vindication when the public begin to agree with your longterm feelings on a certain subject. Case and point: the Taylor Swift backlash.

The faux-shock at winning her 34th award. Her serial dating. Her incredibly awkward white girl dancing. Taylor Swift is, legitimately, really irritating. One of the biggest problems is that her major selling point is being emotionally stunted. Sure, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” is fiendishly catchy, but is it the music of a 23 year old growing up? To put it in perspective, Taylor Swift and Adele are the same age.

We’ll admit, admittedly joyous WANEGBT dulled the intense dislike somewhat, but now it’s back with a fiery passion- and it seems like the public are growing bored of Taylor too. JUSTICE.

Dine in Dublin-Restaurant Week.

Going out for dinner is a usually a lovely experience. There is wine, chat and hopefully, a delicious breadbasket to keep you going between courses. However, for us students, it’s usually too expensive to be worth all of the tasty bread. Alas, never fear friends, Dine in Dublin have us covered. From February 25th, Dine in Dublin will be holding its bi-annual restaurant week. Across the city, eateries both big and small will be offering set menus at low prices. Plus, some venues are offering special classes to mark the week. For example, head to the Lost Society and learn how to make cocktails or smoke some shisha at Dada. We promise, it’s legal.

Covers Ahoy

The last few weeks we have been spoiled by somewhat bizarre, but nevertheless stellar, song covers.  Check out Bastille’s version of TLC’s “No Scrubs”, Purity Ring’s version of Soulja Boy’s “Grammy” and The xx’s version of Beyonce’s Frank Ocean-penned “I Miss You”. You deserve some good music after reading a sentence that is essentially just proper nouns. The Soulja Boy cover is especially worth it, as it means we get to hear a good song without having to listen to the original artist– it’s Soulja Boy. Luke can’t swim those waters.


Saint Brigid’s Day has been and daffodils are starting to appear. Love it or hate it, spring has arrived on our doorstep. After what seems like 11 months of winter, the temperatures are starting to rise. Soon, the days will be longer and it will be appropriate to drink during the day because ‘it’s a scorcher’.  Now, we love ourselves a winter coat around these parts, and it will take a serious heat wave before either of us part with our ankle boots, but we all love a chance to buy new clothes. So, let us get down with the baby animals and embrace this new season. It may only last for about a week.

Eimear Shannon and Luke Reilly

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