DCU students encouraged to participate in national survey

A national student survey will roll out throughout all universities and Institutes of Technology next month.

As part of the higher education strategy, it will be the first time colleges will be measured and analysed on a national basis using only the opinions of students.

Aaron Clogher, DCU SU Vice President and Education Officer feels it is important that DCU students get involved and participate in the survey. He commented on the growing trend of student engagement saying “students locally and nationally are always fighting to be heard.”

Speaking to The College View he said: “It is vitally important that DCU students take part in the Irish National Student Survey, to give their opinions on a wide range of topics, and most importantly to provide information and insight for everybody working in DCU, be it academic staff, management and the SU, to provide the best possible service.”

Clogher feels the survey will highlight problems students encounter in college life, but he called it only “part of the exercise goal.”

“It’s a broad focused exercise which will give a good idea of how students feel that their university works for them”, he said.

Part of the survey will focus on the curriculum of courses and the teaching process, DCU SU are hopeful that the survey will “inform discussions on the future of many different elements of a students university experience, including how courses are structured and taught.”

Clogher said: “The survey will give students an opportunity to express their thoughts and feeling honestly and openly, in a secure anonymous setting, and we are hoping that a strong engagement by DCU students will give quality data for the university to work from in the coming months.”

Results of the survey will be published during this summer and feedback will be given to students and institutions involved.

Gill Fitzsimons

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