Review: The Saturdays – Chasing The Saturdays EP

Chasing The Saturdays is mainly geared towards the American market as the girls’ attempt to make it big across the pond. The album includes one new single and four previous hits. The tracks selected for the EP are well-chosen and do reflect what The Saturdays are all about – sassy, fun and uplifting electro-pop.

The new single “What About Us” featuring Jamaican reggae artist Sean Paul has an infectious sound with pounding electric beats. This is dance-pop at its best and will no doubt prove to be another hit in the clubs. Sean Paul lends his usual, unique flair to the single and overall, adds a grown-up touch to an otherwise typical girly pop track.

The remainder of the EP comprises of the tunes that have solidified The Saturday’s accomplishments as a girl band. “All Fired Up” opens on a heavily synthesised and thumping beat and includes a notable dance and house influence. “Higher” contains cheeky, feel-good lyrics and an energetic electronic intro. And of course, it’s hard to go wrong with a bit of Flo Rida thrown into the mix!

“Notorious” and “Ego” prove to be very samey – the electronics and voice effects heard in the first three tracks are repeated throughout. “Notorious” consists of voices that have been auto tuned to a point of obscurity. Their voices become almost unrecognisable and are drowned by huge synthesisers. The single, “Ego” has proved to be the group’s best-selling single to date but whether its hard-hitting lyrics will transpire in the States is yet to be decided.

Generally, The Saturdays are playing it safe. The album lacks a bit of originality – the artwork and name are identical to that of their reality TV show. As always, success in America is ambiguous. However, with no girl group dominating the US Billboard charts at the moment, there may just be a gap for The Saturdays to fill.


Sharron Lynskey

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