We Survived 2012: A glance at the entertainment stories that made headlines this year.

12.12.12. Today. The date that Mayans believed the curtains would close, the credits would roll and we would all head on our way to wherever it is we go when we’re done here. But instead of fretting over ‘what could be’ let’s take a look at how the past twelve months have entertained us.

2012 had films that made history, music that made our ears bleed yet simultaneously never left our brains and television moments that had us snotting uncontrollably. On top of all that, this year also gave us a number of entertainment scandals, triumphs and failures. Here’s a look at the most memorable.

Firstly, 2012 will probably become known as the year popular British music took on America and won. North London songstress Adele cemented her worldwide acclaim by winning six gongs at February’s 54th Annual Grammy Awards. The 24-year-old was listed in the top five of VHI’s 100 Greatest Women In Music and also gave birth to her first child. If that wasn’t enough to keep her satisfied Adele also performed the title track of one of 2012’s biggest blockbusters, Skyfall.

Like Adele, British boyband One Direction mirrored their European success in America this year. Their world-dominating pop power reached its pinnacle last week with a sold out gig at iconic New York concert venue, Madison Square Garden. The fivesome, who came third in 2010’s series of the UK X Factor, have become the show’s most successful product, with their earnings topping £40 million this year alone. Great year for all involved then, eh Simon?

However, despite the success of One Direction, the show that shot them to fame has not proven so popular this year. The X Factor has experienced a catastrophic fall from grace and has been beaten in the ratings war almost every week by rival Saturday night talent show, Strictly Come Dancing. Labelled “The Fix Factor” by a number of tabloids, the show has caused controversy from the get go and was criticized by viewers for being “fake” and “boring”. Contestant Rylan proved to be the only source of entertainment on the show but even he faced harsh comments from X Factor fans who claimed he was being kept in by producers in order to boost ratings. The X Factor judges could very well be joining the end of a very long dole queue before the year is out – because let’s be honest Tulisa’s ‘solo career’ is not going to go very far and after her nightmare of a year I doubt the, erhm, Adult Entertainment Industry are knocking her door down either.

Heading back across the pond it would be rude not to mention the most successful limb of 2012. No, this is not just any old body part. It is the leg of Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie. Stylists, and most normal human beings, the world over wondered “WTF?!” as they watched Brad Pitt’s missus pose on the red carpet for February’s Oscar Awards. Her awkward stance resulted in a flurry of online jokes and comedy sketches, the funniest being Angelina’s freakishly white leg photoshopped onto The Statue of Liberty. Google it. Now.

Most boyfriends breathed a sigh of relief as 2012 saw the end of The Twilight Saga with its climax, Breaking Dawn: Part 2. The film was making headlines prior to its release this summer due to the ‘earth-shattering’ news that Kristen Stewart had cheated on her co-star and on/off-screen lover, Robert Pattinson with the married director of Snow White and the Huntsman. Scandalous. Don’t get too upset though, the couple have since reconciled. Phew. Unlike Seal and Heidi Klum, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and, er, Ronan and Yvonne Keating, who all parted ways in 2012.

2012 shocked in many ways but what was responsible for most jaws hitting the floor was Jersey Shore-er Snooki announcing she was pregnant. With an actual baby. What shocked more was when Snooki proved to the world she could mind a child. Despite calling her son Lorenzo, she seems like a sensible mother, even offering advice to the most famous pregnant woman of the moment, the Duchess of Cambridge, who announced her pregnancy late this year.

Despite the doom and gloom of the worldwide recession, music, film and television have kept everyone upbeat and occupied this past year. What the future holds for us nobody knows, but I reckon we should “Gangnam Style” into 2013 with the knowledge that there is bound to be a heap more entertainment highs and lows to keep us laughing. Bring it on.

Megan Ecock

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