TOP THREE: Gifts for the Token Hipster Friend

1. A Lomography camera.
Instagram or even apps in general are probably becoming too mainstream now, so they’ll need to revert back to something more retro. The ultimate hipster travel buddy, Lomography enthusiasts must be loathe to have their passion bracketed off by these 20 year old “independent thinkers” who love anything with a vintage feel but such is life, lomography is synonymous with hipsters by now. One of these babies will set you back around €60 from you guessed it, Urban Outfitters.

2. Anything with a moustache on it.
Everything Urban Outfitters makes or sells now seems to have sprouted facila hair. Stuff with moustaches on them include T-shirts, mugs, hip flasks, backpacks, rings. Hipsters’ strong moustache fetish is one thing that’s not going away so indulge them this Christmas.

3. The slogan tee.
Specifically Topshop’s latest money spinners, the “GEEK”, “CHILL” or “DWEEB” emblazoned ones. Happily riding the crest of the irony wave, Topshop are laughing all the way to the bank with these offerings which come in maroon, green, royal blue, marl grey, you name it, finished off of course with the obligatory rolled up sleeves. I kind of hate but love it at the same time, so maybe I’ll just bite my snobby satorialist tongue and buy one. Everyone and their mother seem to have one so maybe I shouldn’t. Oh, the irony.

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