Luke and Eimear’s Special Favourites

Luke Reilly and Eimear Shannon run down the things that have provided them with joy‒ maximum joy.


Do you feel that sometimes you pray to God and he just doesn’t answer? How would you like a middleman? Someone who you can merely Tweet your thoughts, prayers and opinions to? Well, from this week, you will be in luck. Pope Benedict has joined Twitter. Using the handle @pontifex you can directly contact the Pontiff and, from today, you can tweet your questions to Pope Benedict. The hashtag ‘askpontifex’, will put you in with a chance of hearing from the man himself. However, don’t bother asking him about his favourite member of One Direction, the Vatican has said he will tweeting messages of a more spiritual nature. Someone clearly hasn’t seen Harry Styles in a wet t-shirt.

Rita Ora Providing a Reason For Her Existence

Celebrities making fools of themselves is kind of our raison d’ être, so imagine our glee as we witnessed the latest twitter shit storm involving Rob Kardashian (sock line in stores now) and Rita Ora (#48 debut smash, Ora, available on iTunes) which lead to #RitaWhora trending on twitter.

Kardashian accused Ora of cheating on him with twenty (so specific) people and for sleeping around for songs (she must be pretty crap in bed if selling herself only got her tracks like R.I.P. and Shine Ya Light). But Rita should be thankful, because honestly this is the most interesting thing to happen to her… ever. For all the ‘edgy’ styling and hype, she’s the most boring popstar in recent memory. She’s not terrible, she’s not great– she’s just utterly unremarkable in every way. So thank you, Subpar Rihanna, for finally being responsible for something entertaining.

New Year’s Eve in College Green

We know it’s not even Christmas yet, but for an event as important as New Year’s Eve, forward planning is essential. Forward planning, to go to a busy nightclub, spend a fortune getting in, even more money on booze and then lose your friends before the all important countdown. Sounds great, right? Or this year, you can head along to the amazing New Year’s Eve plans in Dublin. For free, you can attend the fireworks display at St.Stephen’s Green and then wander down to College Green for the countdown concert. Acts confirmed to play include Imelda May and Bell X1, and Trinity will provide the backdrop for a rather impressive lightshow. Plus, outdoor drinking is fun, regardless of the time of year.

The Generator Hostel

Whilst sipping from a 5 euro bottle of cooking wine surrounded by people from different countries singing and dancing, Luke thought to himself: “This certainly doesn’t suck.”

Located in Smithfield, this pop up establishment is all kinds of nifty. Every weekend there’s a variety of Dublin’s DJs (not those kind of DJs, I never side-eyed once), drinks promotions and specials. During the week there’s karaoke, quizzes, pool competitions and drinking games. It’s basically like a really fun bar/club that goes on all night and when the party dies down you sleep upstairs. Providing great value for students, it also has a hotel license which means the bar serves until 6am. As a plan for a night out it’s faultless, which Luke’s liver will attest to.

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