First year drop out rates

Forty eight first year students have dropped out of their DCU courses so far this year, according to Aisling McKenna of the President’s Office.

The main reasons given for cancellation of registration were people “changing their minds” and that students “disliked their programme”. This figure includes three students who claimed that financial constraints caused their withdrawal.

One student, who wished to remain nameless, remarked that he was dropping out because the course wasn’t what he expected it to be. He told The College View: “I didn’t want to waste any more money this year on accommodation, while doing a course that’s not for me.”

The numbers of students dropping out may rise if the backlog in grant applications within SUSI isn’t remedied soon. DCU first year students have been informed that, provided they have paid the €38 registration fee and provided confirmation of grant application, they will have full access to all facilities including Moodle and the Library until the 1st of February 2013. However if the grants have not been received by then some students may have to leave the university.

43 students have transferred internally this year, changing their course but remaining within DCU. This compares with 60 students transferring internally in the entire 2011/12 academic year.

The Science and Health faculty has seen the most transfers this year, with 17 students changing courses within this faculty. Nine students transferred within the Business School, while nine also transferred within the Humanities and Social Sciences faculty. Meanwhile the Engineering and Computing faculty has seen just 4 transfers this year.

Sean Defoe


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