“Don’t be that girl/lad” campaign launched

The Students’ Union launched their Alcohol Awareness campaign for the 2012/13 year on Monday, December 3rd.

This year’s theme is “Don’t Be That Girl/Lad” and is targeting  student drinkers who need friends to mind them on a night out because of the amount of alcohol they have consumed. The SU’s website information says “We’re aiming to target the students who end up being brought up to the SU by security to sober up.”

Posters picturing the area where students are brought to sober up are on display around the University campus. The posters depict scenes of students on the floor, passed out or being sick as a result of their drinking.

The SU requested that students use the hash tag #DCUAA on Twitter during the week to “to join in on the conversation and to share your responsible drinking tips”. They were also distributing copies of Drinkaware’s Student Survival Guide which is full of tips for students.

This campaign follows on from Drinkaware’s campaign in DCU earlier this year. The Drinkaware campaign placed life-sized vinyls of an unconscious man and woman inside the bathrooms in The Hub, accompanied by a sign showing hundreds of Facebook ‘likes’. Speaking at the time Fionnuala Sheehan, Chief Executive of Drinkaware.ie, said that many students admitted that it made them stop and think about their drinking, while noting the reaction was “very positive.”

Both campaigns accept that drinking is a part of student culture, yet stress the importance of knowing your limits and not abusing alcohol.

Sean Defoe

Image Credit: Viktorija Drozdova

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