Review of Quesadillas in The NuBar

As I awaited my order of quesadillas, I could almost hear the Mexican men wielding maracas and flamenco guitars, bringing the spirit of a fiesta to my afternoon siesta meal. Instead I was greeted with a plate of food more in the spirit of the vicious drug wars that have horrified the Mexican nation.

I was not aware that the NuBar occasionally indulged in nouveau cuisine( a style of preparing and presenting food using unusual combinations of flavours and small sized portions). I’ll be generous and say there were two tortillas (a flat, thin, piece of bread) involved.

They were each cut in two, folded over, containing nothing but a slim helping of sauce. Presumably this was my own fault for not including the €1 extra of chicken; but when it’s an optional addition to a meal it should not be necessary.

These four pieces of bread, probably not even adding up to a single slice of bread, cost €4.50. To put this in perspective, a hungry student could devour goujons and chips for just fifty cent extra, or my personal recommendation of a plate of taco chips fit for a king.

I soldiered through, hanging on to the hope that maybe it would provide some limited sustenance, but no. I was forced to accept the generosity of my loving friends who passed some pity goujons to my plate,

The only reason the quesadillas did not receive a rating of zero is the addition of two dips. Along with a few goujons, these portions of salsa and sour cream would have been welcome, but instead this felt more like a kick in the face from a cartel drug-lord.

It was more a case of Mexi-can’t than Mexi-can.


Nicky Ryan

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