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Full time DJ, sometime actor, hilarious Tweeter (follow him on @platinumjones) former presenter on Spin – Conor Behan is a man of many talents. Claire Healy and Valerie Loftus sat down for a chat with Conor about gifs, girlos and all things pop.

Last gig you were at and your verdict?
I was at Jessie Ware in the Sugar Club at the start of November, and it was amazing, really good. I was expecting it to be good, I knew she wouldn’t be a bad performer, but I was amazed at how good she was. Her voice is almost better live which is so weird, when you buy albums you’re used to them being very polished, then you see someone live and you’re like: “Woah, you’ve got a really good voice.” You see these popstars and they’re fun shows but they’re clearly not singing, so she was really impressive.

Last play you saw and loved?
I saw my friend’s show “Death of a Tradesman”’ which I really liked, I think that was the last Fringe show I saw. I also saw “Solpadeine Is My Boyfriend” which was really good as well. Those two really stood out. I didn’t really see a lot because I was doing “Singlehood”.

How did you get involved in Singlehood, had you done much theatre before?
No, I’m not an actor, the point was that I was a non-actor doing it. Somebody that was friends with Una McKevitt and Dave Coffey, who were the main people behind it, said they’re looking for people who are single to be interviewed for a play and I thought it was just helping out with research. I just sent off an email and had an interview which led to her going I’m actually doing a rough version of this show and at the time it was like a 20 minute one-off and she said we might take it to Fringe if there’s a show. It just happened really fast. It was kind of documentary theatre, basically we were half just talking heads, half re-enacting things.

What was your angle?
Just that I’d been single my whole life, everybody was coming from different perspectives, I was in my mid twenties and had never been in a relationship whereas there were people like someone who was a single mum who had a kid, and hadn’t been in a relationship for maybe five or six years, a girl who’s just out of a relationship, she’s in her early twenties and she’s had a couple of boyfriends, just all walks of life and the way everyone has a different experience but also quite a similar one, in a way. It was a great experience and actually funny enough, just really good training for delivery, your voice and how to speak. I don’t know the specifics yet but it’s definitely going to do another run. Our thing was that there was so many facets to singlehood that it’s not necessarily a good thing or a bad thing.

Favourite night out in Dublin right now?
I’m going to be really naff and say F.A.G. on Fridays in Andrew’s Lane, just ‘cause I DJ there but it’s really good craic anyway. I’m having so much fun doing it. I know myself, even though I work there, that I could go and have a really fun night. As for the name [which caused problems initially] – the people who did it are coming from a culture where clubbing in Dublin was very subversive, it’s not intended to offend. The people who are involved are important figures on the scene who know what they’re doing.

What would be your favourite songs to play, if you could just play anything you wanted to?
I do play all the big, “going out” tunes because that’s what people want but then the last half an hour you can just play mad stuff. “Scandalous” by Misteeq always goes down really well, I like to dig out an old Janet Jackson song every now and then, you want the room to go “oh my god I love this song!” or “I haven’t heard this in ages, it’s still amazing.” I’m not into the irony thing, you play it ‘cause you like it. Even though I play girlo songs, I still like those songs for what they are, I’m not a snob about it.

Who are your favourite girlos?
I feel like Rihanna’s the ultimate girlo, I live in the Liberties and all the girls there are styled like Rihanna, everybody dresses like the “We Found Love” video now, creepers, they sell them on Meath Street. I’m a big Madonna fan, for my sins. It’s not cool to be a Madonna fan, I wish it was still cool. I like so many girlos, so many huns. I really like Jessie Ware, she’s not a girlo but I really like her. I quite like Lana del Rey, even though she’s hitting a bit of a tipping point, it’s all a bit samey. I still really like what she’s doing. I also have a soft spot for Britney, even though she’s just an awkward girlo now. I never actually watch X Factor USA, I just go online and look at all the gifs of her reactions each week, she makes the funniest faces. I like Chelsea Handler, Maeve Higgins, they’re funny. I like funny women who are themselves, they’re the people I really think are gas, even though I feel bad for calling them girlos. Maeve Higgins would never call herself a girlo, she’ll kill me! Maybe she’ll like it.

Last book you read?
I’m a big Marian Keyes fan, she is actually a brilliant populist fiction writer. I read her last book and I’m just reading her new one. Also just read The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and it really took me back, it reminded me of being young. I go through phases where I buy books in charity shops then put them away then six months later say that I must read it, I’m not good at going in and buying the latest bestsellers. I wish I was.

Favourite film to watch at Christmas time?
I only saw Elf for the first time last year and I really liked that. The Miracle on 34th Street remake that came out in the nineties, that’s basically the ultimate Christmas film for me.

How did you get into DJing?
DJing happened really by chance. I was on Twitter one day, and I just said I’d really like to DJ some time and within an hour Una Mullally tweeted me saying to do a slot in Soundchecks [her club night], and just see how I get on. I was picking up a slot here and there, and then it just started to snowball basically because someone took a chance.

Favourite sandwich?
I like a good ham and cheese toastie. I’m not fussy, not into mad sandwiches, just give me a ham and cheese sandwich, stop messing around. Whack a few crisps in, I love all those gourmet crisps. Ham and cheese, and some crisps, and I’m done.

Pet pop peeve?
Fan group names. Rihanna’s Navy, please. Jessie J, Pixie Lott, you are too dry and boring to have names for your fans. Jessie J did write “Party in the USA” so I can’t really hate her that much, she did write one of the best songs ever made.

Favourite teen movie?
Mean Girls, has to be Mean Girls. Lindsay’s another one of my girlos, I could tumbl Lindsay Lohan all day long.

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