Review of Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2

2012 really did become the end of the world, when doomsday arrived for ‘Twi-hards’ everywhere. The much anticipated final installment of the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn Part 2, arrived in cinemas last weekend.

Hopes for this movie were low and high; low in the respect that its predecessor (Breaking Dawn Part One) was badly received, and high in the respect that it had a huge task on its hands.

The final installment is certainly the best of all the Twilight movies. It was almost as if director Bill Condon realized that the stars of the show lacked real skill and charisma, and decided to compensate for this with a fast-paced, borderline action movie.

Carter Burwell’s ‘Bella’s Lullaby’ is a constant in the movie, reminding us of the old Edward, which we met and fell in love with in the first installment. Bella remains as on-edge as ever, with Stewart once again failing to light up the screen. Even with a child in her arms (admittedly, a badly CGI effect baby) she fails to gush and make an emotional connection with the audience. Jacob (Taylor Lautner) remains the audience’s favorite: audible gasps could be heard in the crowd when he stripped to his underwear.

The stereotypical Irish appearance even fails to defy the vampire genes, when the frumpy, red-headed Irish coven arrives to help the Cullens in their final showdown against Aro and the Volturi. However, despite acting that would make Fair City seem Emmy worthy, director Condon manages to make Breaking Dawn Part Two an exciting action movie, with some unexpected twists.

Before the big baddies (the Volturi) arrive, there are some quite humorous and romantic scenes. Bella and Edward finally seem to have found their happily ever after, surrounded by their family in a cottage in the woods. Bella’s newborn vampire strengths also provide some laughs, and that’s just the special effects of her running through the woods.

The final battle is nothing short of nail-biting, with audience members visibly jumping in their seats and covering their eyes. It strays from Stephanie Meyer’s novel momentarily, providing edge-of-the-seat moments for fans.

Relationships are a strong theme in the movie, with a focus on the new family of Edward, Bella and their daughter Renesmee. The half-vampire, half-human child was imprinted upon at birth by Jacob Black, marking Renesmee as his soulmate. We see Bella and Edward coming to terms with his new important part in their family.

The dramatic action sequences provide thrill and suspense, with a dramatic twist at the end. Being the last movie, it has the mammoth task of doing a just goodbye to the saga for fans, and upon this it delivered.

The final scene takes us back to where so many of Bella and Edward’s romantic moments happened, the meadow. Here, we are treated to a montage of clips, bringing us back to beginning of the lover’s adventure right to the present.

As regards acting and technicalities, Breaking Dawn Part 2 has failed like all the others in the saga. However, it does deliver a fair goodbye for Twilight fans everywhere. It focuses upon what captured the imagination of ‘Twi-hards’ – a romance that shouldn’t have happened, but did.

RATING: 3.5/5
Emma Jane Hade

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