UCDSU angered at library closure

The UCDSU and student body were left angered after the decision to reopen the UCD James Joyce library on Sundays was postponed in the last few weeks

The Students’ Union announced the decision on their website on Monday.

The university registrar and head librarian had originally committed that the library would reopen on Sundays from Week 8 (4th November). However, it was then decided to push this back until Week 10 (18th November).

The Students’ Union education officer, Shane Comer, was very annoyed by the decision, which he claims the SU heard through ‘informal channels’, after they had been ‘consistently informed’ of the original date.

“This decision has been taken without any consultation, notification or warning to both the students and the SU”, Comer said. “We were consistently informed that the library would be closed for the first seven weeks of the semester and reopen in Week 8 for Sunday November 4th. The SU are outraged by this and will not take the decision lightly.”

A demonstration is planned on campus for tomorrow, and “will only be the first”.
Shane Comer explains that this was a very “disappointing development”. There are no other facilities available for studying purposes on campus on Sunday.

Comer also expressed his disappointment on the channel of information of which the SU were informed, claiming it was “dishonesty”.

Emma Jane Hade

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