Luke and Eimear’s Super Special Favourites

Vintage Cocktail Bar

An establishment has to be pretty darn stellar for us to feel bad about smuggling a naggin/shoulder/ingeniously concealed bottle of wine in, and the shiny new VCC is one such establishment. Styled on a 1920’s prohibition speakeasy, the VCC doesn’t do things by halves. We’re talking jazz, punchbowl cocktails and burlesque cabaret. The staff are dressed in period garb and the food and drink menus reflect the style and luxury of the era. They even hand-carve their own ice (!) to control the dilution of cocktails. Most of this was lost on us as we sat huddled in a cubicle mixing from our bags, but rest assured next time we’ll be sampling everything (hand-carved ice!) this great bar has to offer.

Yes We Can.

What an incredible week for American politics. Firstly, Barack Obama retained his Presidential status, to the delight of everyone except for Mitt Romney. Maine, Maryland and Washington realised that love is love regardless of gender and legalised gay marriage. Wisconsin appointed the first openly gay person to the Senate. And finally, Washington and Colorado got down with their bad selves and legalised weed. So, in these changing times, what better way is there to document history? With memes. As people around the world watched the results with baited breath, and as Twitter had a collective hernia, some clever people were making this special occasion hilarious. Check them out online, unless you hate laughter.

Homeland Season 2
The experience of watching Homeland can be accurately summed up in two words: ME NERVES.
This show don’t play. In the second season of the acclaimed government thriller, twists and turns abound, with huge payoffs happening in every episode. We literally scream at the television for an hour. We also tend to scream for a time after it’s finished too. Eimear’s still screaming.
Having a major US television show actually get to the point is both refreshing and satisfying and it also helps the show is impeccably cast – CLAIRE DANES FOR ALL THE AWARDS.
In conclusion, have your pearls at the ready, they will most definitely be clutched.

Dublin Book Festival
Remember the days of the MS Readathon? When your younger self would sit for hours reading piles of books to make sure you got that deadly alarm clock or a slinky? Unfortunately we cannot bring you back to those wonderful times. But, this week, there is an event that brings your love of reading to a more grown up setting. The Dublin Book Festival is back for its fifth year of debates, discussions and events aimed at encouraging people of all ages to put away the laptop and get back into reading. Most of the events are free and it’s all happening around Temple Bar. We can’t promise you a slinky, but you’re too old for that anyway.

Eimear Shannon and Luke Reilly

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