DCU professor amongst top earner in Irish universities

Director of Biomedical Diagnostics at DCU, Professor Michael Berndt, is amongst the highest paid staff in Irish universities.

Prof Berndt’s workings in DCU coincide with his role within the Royal College of Surgeons (RCSI) that increase his salary to above the norm.

Following a recent publication in the Irish Independent, it has been revealed that Berndt, along with other medical consultants, are all earning in excess of €200,000 per annum.

These academics play a diverse role as they work in student education, as well as being hospital consultants and carrying out different aspects of medical research and development.

There are 98 academics on these salaries of over €200,000 while another 80 to 90 earn between €150,000 and €200,000, half of which work as consultants.

Professor Des Fitzgerald, vice president of research in UCD is one of the highest paid with a salary of at least €250,000.

Professor John Boland, head of the world leading CRANN nanoscience research institute at Trinity College Dublin, also tops the list.

Heads of university medical schools across Ireland have condemned the move to cut these huge salaries to €145,000 as they believe it will reduce the quality of candidates coming forward to fill these positions.

The average earnings of an Irish medical consultant working in private hospitals is about €200,000 a year, not including extra income from outpatient fees, therefore some professionals could be earning double this amount.

Many university presidents are also earning these huge salaries with Dr Michael Murphy of UCC coming out on top, earning €232,000 per annum.

TCD Provost, Dr Paddy Prendergast is giving €1,492 of his €201,492 salary to the Trinity Foundation helping fund student scholarships. National University of Galway President, Dr Jim Browne gives €2,500 to the Galway University Foundation, reducing his salary to €199,000.

The new pay cap of €200,000 introduced in June 2011 has played a factor in reducing some of these huge salaries across high powered positions within the public service.

Professor Mark Ferguson, director general of the new science foundation earns €189,115, compared to the €259,697 earned by his predecessor.

Gill Fitzsimons

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