Cheaper by the student – finding the cheapest price

There is something uplifting about knowing that you have got a bargain, your
friend paid €10 to get into Coppers and you only had to pay €5 because you
knew the bouncer. As students we are constantly looking out for discounts.
The College View investigates the prices of popular goods in 11 different food
retail outlets situated on and just off campus to find the cheapest prices for

A carton of milk is a must for most students living away from home and lucky for DCU students the cheapest price of milk in Ireland can be found in the Shanard Late Shop. A two-litre carton of milk here costs just €1.19. The shop is located a six minute walk from DCU off the Collins Avenue entrance opposite the Helix. The College View spoke to the owner of the shop who said “we sell quirky things at quirky prices”. They also sell dairy milk bars for only 80cent, Sally Hansen fake tan for €9 and a twin pack of Tiger Balm for only €2 which the owner reckons are “definitely the most competitive prices in the area”.

Sliced pans nearly go handin-hand with milk when you go food shopping. Some
investigating went on to find out the most competitive price for a full sliced
pan and it can be found for €1.15 in the Pat the Baker range in Eurospar on the Ballymun Road. The Spar in Shanowen also does a sliced pan for €1.39 but this is a lesser-known brand called Midland Pride.

A bottle of water helps keep hunger pangs at bay and prevents the slump during
your two-hour lectures. The cheapest bottle of water can be found in the Spar on campus with a 750ml bottle of Tipp Active water going for 99c. You can also get a litre of Centra water in Centra on the Ballymun Road for only €1.27.
The dearest bottle of water can be found in the on-campus vending machines,
with a 500ml bottle costing €1.60.

Would you like a cup of tea? You can get one to sit in or take away in the NuBar for only €1. Centra is second cheapest with their cups of tea being €1.40. The Helix offer a cup of tea for €1.50 and lactose free milk is available upon request. The dearest cup of tea can be found in the Eurospar on the Ballymun Road €2.10 for a regular cup! Word on the street has it that the Interfaith Centre provide free cups of tea if you pop in for a chat.

Milky coffees like Latte’s and Cappuccinos are obviously more expensive but if
you’re looking for a regular cup of coffee the cheapest cup can be found in the NuBar for €1.00. The campus wide vending machines sell coffee for €1.50. It can be bought for €1.52 in the Nursing and Business Building Cafés, the Zero One Café and in the canteen. Big plus to those trying to ease off calorific milky coffees if you go to the Nursing building they make all their coffees with skimmed milk. The priciest cups of the caffeine laden stuff are €2.35 in Eurospar.

Emma O’Rourke

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