Totally Epic: Adam Higgins talks to The Dirty Epics

The Dirty Epics are a band on the rise. Formed in 2007, The Dirty Epics consist of SJ Wai on vocals, Richie Power on bass, Darren McCoy on guitar and Gary Nethaway on drums.

Their new album One Way Mirror will be released in the New Year and the band are due to support Ladyhawke on the 6th of November in Dublin’s Academy. It’s not their first time playing with the “My Delirium” singer. “We’ve played with her before when she was over doing something for Arnotts actually. It was cool! She’s very very nice, so we’re looking forward to it,” said SJ.

The new LP comes after a fantastic first effort in the form of Straight In No Kissing that Hotpress described as “34 minutes of Red Bull rock and skull-crunching riffs”. One of the albums biggest singles “We’re Coming Up” even featured on the ultra-popular TV series Skins.

When asked about that particular triumph the band said: “It was really cool. We were in Texas at the South By Southwest festival when it was being aired so we just watched it in sections on YouTube, but they kind of wrote our song into the script. It was really good and they played the song in its entirety which was really nice, it was exciting!”

The new album is set to be a big change from the first. “It’s very different; it’s a lot better, we think,” said the band of One Way Mirror. “It’s more sophisticated and has more variety, not that there are loads of different genres but there’s more musicality to it.”

“Not that we weren’t happy with our first album, but it’s definitely a development,” SJ adds.

This is the band’s first time trying to write and record simultaneously and they feel that it’s been successful. “There was never any monotony, which can happen a lot when you’re trying to write in a studio all together, so it was really enjoyable in that way.” The album was recorded in a studio in West London and finished off with a week in Sun Studios in Memphis, Tennessee, where they recorded their first CD.

The Dirty Epics also gave us the fantastic news that they’ll be playing the festival circuit this year. “Definitely, we hope so. Some of the festivals are just amazing. It can be hit and miss sometimes when it’s a new festival and you’re like, I hope it’s busy, but things like Oxegen and that are just amazing.”

With the release of One Way Mirror next year, you can certainly expect to see a lot more of The Dirty Epics. It’s going to be – dare we say it – epic.

The Dirty Epics support Ladyhawke in the Academy on the 6th of November

Adam Higgins

Image Credit: Brendan White

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