Luke and Eimear’s Special Favourites

Luke Reilly and Eimear Shannon run down the things that have provided them with joy ‒maximum joy.

Workmans does Karaoke
The Workman’s Club has become Dublin’s own X Factor stage. We all get that feeling, when you’ve said goodbye to the one that’s one too many, and kept going. Now, it’s time to tell everyone your secret talent, you are an amazing singer. But why should you save it for the taxi home?

Instead, the people at the Workman’s are giving us a chance to show off our best vocals. For freebies, you can down some of their delicious (and potent) cocktails and unleash your God-given talent on the world. Throw your head to the sky, ignore the words flashing up on the screen, and with pride, show the world your best Whitney. Shame: it’s overrated.

Girls Aloud Return
After a three-year hiatus, Girls Aloud (who shall heneceforth be referred to simply as THE ALOUD) have returned. A lot has changed in the past three years, such as Cheryl Tweedy’s popularity (We refuse to refer to her simply as Cheryl, REFUSE) and Sarah Harding’s facial features, but one thing remains the same– these gals know how to create a stellar pop tune.

With their new track, Something New, THE ALOUD solidify that they’re a force to be reckoned with. It’s loud, abrasive, hyper and, crucially, exciting. In a world where Tulisa can be a “thing”, it’s a welcome relief to hear exciting, daring pop music. It’s basically like being slapped across the face repeatedly with a “GIRLS ALOUD ARE BACK” banner, whilst a glitter cannon explodes and the lasers from Waiting For Tonight blind you – ie. the dream.

Additionally, there’s a Greatest Hits album and a tour coming to Dublin in March– LONG LIVE THE ALOUD.

IFI, Ghouls and Stuff

Yes, it’s that time of the year again, and while some will be happy to get dressed up and messy, others just want to avoid it at all costs. So, for those looking to avoid the 100 slutty Nuns that will be parading around town this weekend, the Irish Film Institute (IFI) has a ghoulish film festival to keep you entertained.

For just nine euro a pop, you can subject yourself to a night filled with terror (and we don’t mean the terror of seeing a girl squeezed into that Lady Gaga costume that’s a size too small). So, why not do something a little bit more traditional this year?

Mac Ivor’s Cider

After years of extensive drinking, there’s nothing worse than reaching a booze plateau – there’s only so much Buckfast / cheap wine / beer of Polish origin you can drink before the ennui consumes you. So imagine our delight upon discovering Mac Ivors, a new Irish cider that’s all kinds of flavoursome.

Available in Dice Bar, Grogans and O’Brien’s off licences, it’s not only refreshing but also a shiny new way to get ossified. Think of it as killing two birds with one bottle-shaped stone. Or you could just use an actual bottle. Why are you killing birds anyway? You monster.

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