Humans and Zombies attack DCU

Over 115 people took part in this year’s Human vs. Zombie event on campus last week.

The event was run mainly by the Game society but the Strange Things and Paranormal societies also took part in organising and setting up the event.

Human vs. Zombies is a campus wide game of tag where zombies wear orange bands around their head while humans wear a similar band around their arm. Students had to register online for the event and were required to register their ‘kills’.

Speaking to The College View, Game Soc Secretary, Mark Gorman explained the event. “Humans vs. Zombies is basically just a campus wide game of build-up tag that originated from a college in the US. The aim of the game is for either the humans to survive, or for the zombies to wipe out all human players by tagging (or killing) them.

Humans can stun zombies, rendering them unable to kill any human for 15 minutes, by either shooting them with a nerf gun, or hitting them with a sock. After going 24 hours without a kill, Zombies are ‘starved’ and are out of the game.”

According to Gorman the only purpose of the game is to have fun and help people to make friends. “And there’s no easier way to do that then blasting Zombies together”, he added.

The humans are considered the winners if one survives while the zombies win if they can wipe out all humans. However Gorman said: “Human vs. Zombies is not a true competitive event and there is no prize for winning. Players are encouraged more to have fun than to win.”

While there is no prize for the winners Gorman says the trophy is “a sense of satisfaction” for the victors.

The event was completely free and Gorman thinks there is a big difference between this year’s game and last year’s award winning event. “In terms of players, I think this year has a slightly smaller count of players, but has more actual players, rather than people who sign up but never actually take part.”

The entire event was streamed live on their website where you could keep up with how each team was doing and who was surviving. In the end the Humans were victorious.

The Game Soc are going to have a 24 LAN on the 24th and 25th of December for Christmas. They will be hosting tournaments with prizes for the winners along with a few other mini events.

Adam Higgins

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