DCU Offer New Post Graduate Scholarship Exchange

DCU postgraduate student Barry Cannon has been selected as the first recipient of a new postgraduate scholarship and exchange programme.

The programme, which was announced by Dublin City Lord Mayor, Naoise Ó Muirí, will offer Irish students work experience at San José technology companies and academic training at both DCU and San José State University (SJSU). The participants will also receive an Industrial Masters degree in Science and Engineering.

Cannon was selected for the programme after a competitive application and interview process. DCU President, Brian MacCraith said: “I am delighted that DCU has played a key role in establishing the San José-Dublin City and proud that the first recipient is a DCU student.”

The San José-Dublin City programme aims to promote community, artistic, cultural, academic and economic development in San José and Dublin. It is the first Masters of its kind among the Sister Cities International network, and the first Masters scholarship exchange to be offered by an Irish-US sister city programme.

The scholarship includes an autumn 2012 semester in DCU, a spring 2013 semester in SJSU with a part time research internship at Cypress Semiconductor, a full time summer 2013 research internship at Cypress Semiconductor and a final autumn 2013 study semester in DCU.

The programme will be partly funded by Cypress Semiconductor, who will provide half of the $30,000 needed for the programme. Cypress CEO, T.J. Rodgers says the company’s contribution to this scholarship will make a lasting impact and begin a great tradition.

Aoife Bennett

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