Superfood of the Week – Asparagus

At first glance the green vegetable asparagus may come across as unappealing to many, but you would be making a mistake judging it so quickly.

Most of us know what it’s like to sit in a lecture extremely hungover and one of asparagus’ essential qualities is that it can actually ease the effect of a hangover. It boosts the amount of enzymes in our body and while keeping hydrated you may be able to stay awake in your lecture.

It is proven to be one of the most important superfoods on the market. It has endless hidden benefits that can improve our health and protect us from the most harmful of conditions. As well as being one of our five-a-day, these green veggies are powerful antioxidants that work to prevent the likes of cancer and coronary heart disease, a threat that is on the rise in Ireland due to poor dietary choices.

Six medium-sized spears of this spring vegetable contain just 20 calories, making it an excellent choice for low-calorie diets. As well as being a high-alkaline vegetable that keeps our bodies working at their best, it is loaded with Vitamin K that aids the strengthening of bones and prevents anaemia. As students, this food is a great choice as it is inexpensive, easy to cook and very versatile in meals

Image Credit: Benson Kua

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