MEP tells DCU Students ‘a lost generation is being created’

Socialist MEP Paul Murphy believes that a “lost generation is being created” in the current euro crisis. Murphy, a guest for DCU Socialists Students, spoke about the euro crisis and the socialist solution.

Murphy spoke about youth unemployment across Europe, which he said is around 24-25% and 50% in Spain and Greece. However he pointed out that this did not mean the other 50% were in full-time employment.

He described the euro crisis as a class war waged by politicians such as German Chancellor, Angela Merkel and President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, on behalf of bankers and major capitalists. He referred to the policy of austerity as the weapon they are using.

Murphy said in Europe there is the impression that Ireland is the exception and we are coping under these austerity measures. However he said this is a lie that is used in Ireland to stop people from protesting as well as a lie
used abroad, to stop other counties protesting.

In his opinion, there is no question that Ireland is heading for a second bailout and he criticised the media for not covering this more, saying they aren’t interested in this reality. He believes when Ireland goes into a second bailout, it will be a significant political event which will cause major social movements across the country.

Murphy spoke about the lack of protests in Ireland over the last number of years and he said the reason for this is because the Trade Unions have no strategy to fight back.

He also addressed the role of the socialists in the euro crisis and said it’s vital for the left to organise a battle against austerity. Their response must be coordinated across Europe and he said they hope to organise general strikes on the same day in Portugal, Greece and Spain.

The socialist solution to the crisis, he said, is to get rid of unsustainable debts, redistribute wealth and establish democratically run banks that works for the people and doesn’t run them.

Image Credit: Fiona Hughes

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