Luke and Eimear’s Special Favourites

Luke Reilly and Eimear Shannon run down the things that have provided them with joy‒ maximum joy.

Lana Del Rey – Ride

For someone who’s been around for less than a year, the Dalai Lana has already created an impressive collection of music videos. Ride continues the trend, with Harley Davidsons, age-inappropriate relationships and genuinely heartbreaking imagery.

Lana is the perfect pop star at the moment and we give her major kudos for being arty but never pretentious and try-hard, like some other pop heavyweights who will remain nameless (let’s just say her name rhymes with Shmady Shmaga).

Basically, watch it. You’ll cry, and you won’t know whether they’re happy or sad tears­‒ which are the best kind, really.


This is one for your diaries, especially if you’re bored of your nightclub of choice. Gold is the latest night to make a debut on the Dublin scene, but it’s got a bit of twist. It’s not indie, it’s not pop hits and most importantly, it’s not dubstep.

Once a month, the basement of Kennedy’s will provide a home for a look back on times gone by, namely the golden decades of the 1960’s, 1970’s and the 1980’s. Think Abba, the Bee Gee’s, Wham! and, The Artist Formally Known as Prince.

Admission is only €5 and there’s a mountain of drink promotions. So, leave your shame at the door and embrace a classic hit or two. It certainly will liven up your weekend.

Bobble Bottles

Water is pretty nifty. So what better way to treat the giver of life with respect than to drink it from this eco-friendly filtered bottle?

Retailing from €12.99, these filtered bottles purify your tap water and will save you a bomb on overly expensive water brands. Not only will your tap water taste like Evian, you’re also throwing Mother Nature a bone.

Pop into Stock Design on South King St to check out their, uh, stock.

Peter O’Brien

This week, we got an unusual invitation in our letter box. We were cordially invited to a fashion show. Obviously, due to the smallest of free booze, we were on board instantly. However, this wasn’t just any old fashion show. This was the launch of the latest collection for Arnotts by Dublin-born Peter O’Brien.

The designer is best known for his work at Dior, Givenchy and he even worked with Karl Lagerfeld. Essentially, the man knows how to dress a woman, and he does it with style. Eimear, filled with wine confidence, even tried on with a few of the pieces. While they are incredibly expensive, starting at €150, they fit like a dream. Put them in your ‘future you’ bank, they’ll definitely be worth it.

For Luke, he may not have tried any expensive clothes on, but he got three glasses of wine and a brownie, which is all that matters.

Tip of the week

Next time you’re at the off licence preparing to become the next Diageo ad, pick up five mini bottles of vodka. They’re cheaper than a naggen, contain more booze and are a lot easier to sneak into establishments. THE PERFECT CRIME.

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