Work hard, play hard: The best solution to success?

While in college, it is vital that students take well-earned breaks away from assignments and studying. Who knows, employing the ‘work hard, play hard’ technique could be the best solution to success. It is important to get involved with clubs and societies and go on class nights out, as these are huge social aspects associated with college life. Becoming involved in the college social scene is also a great way to get to know your classmates and meet other students.

It is important to create a balance between studying and socialising while in college because one can quite easily be captivated by the cheap and cheerful nights out and let assignments mount on the side. In this case, if you choose to go out several times during the college week, it is advised that you ‘take it easy’ as it is extremely important to know your limits in terms of alcohol consumption. Sometimes, a cheap attitude can accompany cheap alcohol and Irish universities do not want to see prosperous students featured on the ‘Embarrassing Nightclub Photos’ Facebook page that the nation is familiar with at the moment, and as a wise woman would say: “ah here, leave it out”.

Students are quite often stereotyped as party animals that drink a huge amount of alcohol. This statement often rings true but like anything, it is a select number that go ‘over the edge’. With drink promos on offer such as €3.00/€3.50 a drink in Quinn’s pub in Drumcondra, it can be very difficult to resist a last minute night on the tiles. “Quinn’s is a great spot, I used to go there every Wednesday last year. It’s the perfect venue for students with cheap drink promos, the place is always jammed and the DJ is always playing quality music”, said second year NCAD Art student Karl Heffernan.

The College View spoke to former DBS Marketing and Event Management student, Dan O’Brien, about his work with the company Midnight Events. “Midnight is Ireland’s largest student night promoter, for the coming semester we will be running in excess of 10 nights a week for students in Dublin alone”, said O’Brien. Midnight has organised three of the biggest student nights in Dublin; Mondays at the Temple Bar venue Alchemy, Wednesdays at Dandelion beside St. Stephen’s Green and Thursdays at The Village, Camden Street. Students are required to budget their expenditure and Midnight serves the student price range well; O’Brien says that the typical entry price for these venues “lies between €5 and €10”. Students also have the option to gain free entry from Midnight’s Facebook page.

O’Brien explained to The College View how Midnight caters for all students’ tastes and timetables, “throughout our nights there’s definitely something for everyone, and the great thing about being as big as we are, is that we’re able to offer something for every night of the week. This means that no matter what your freshers’ timetable is like, you can find a night out that won’t cause you to miss any lectures the next morning”.

A degree of student nights are also run independently in Dublin, such as nights in The Workman’s Club on The Quays and The Lost Society. Laura Brennan, a UCD English and Economics Graduate commented, “I went to the Workman’s because I’m hipster. There was a class night in the Grand Social too, it was all R&B music which was good craic”. Third year DCU Communications student Caoimhe Rice said: “C.U.N.T. in The Lost Society on Tuesdays is always a good spot, casual enough but with great music and always good for a dance. Bit of a nightmare getting the stamp off though”.

Quinn’s in Drumcondra is also independently run and features a massive student night called ‘Twisted Thursday’, to which entry is €5.00 and the DJ plays until 2.30am. Quinn’s continually attracts a massive crowd due to its locality and fantastic drink promotions. Charging less than a fiver per drink, it’s a student’s paradise.

‘Thank F*ck It’s Monday’ held in Dicey’s on Harcourt Street is a massive student night that many are familiar with due to the unbeatable drinks promotions it offers with most drinks costing €2.50 each. “Dicey’s is great craic because it has such a huge capacity and it is always packed. The music played by the DJ appeals to everyone and with such cheap drink you can’t go wrong”, said third year DCU Journalism student Aoife Gray.

Copper’s, a huge venue which is really popular with people from all over Ireland, lies up the street from Dicey’s and it is usually the venue that students flock to when Dicey’s closes its doors. “Copper’s is by far the best place to go during the week, I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad night there”, said second year DIT Business student Aine Curran. Prepare yourself for a scene of sheer drunkenness upon entering Copper’s, regardless of drink promotional nights. The atmosphere and buzz in the venue is always top notch and you are usually guaranteed to have great craic in Copper’s due to the varying music choice of the resident DJ.

Finding the balance between studying and socialising is the key to college life. While you need to study to get the degree you’re there for, everything from clubs and socs to class nights out are all part of the college experience, just don’t go overboard.

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