Traveling the low-cost way

With so much time spent on studying, students don’t have time for jobs so how are we supposed to afford travel? Try travelling at low cost.

1. Keep looking on the Aer Lingus website and Ryanair- there can be some great deals if you book in advance. If any of you have Reading week during Week 7 of this semester (5th November-11th November) you can take a trip to London Stanstead for €40 round trip! Check for details.

2. Travelling around Ireland? have new student rates once you present a valid student card. Have a friend in college in Limerick? Why not pay them a visit for a night out for €20 return fare.

3. Have relations abroad that you have never visited? Write them a letter or send them an email telling them you might be in their country and they will more than likely offer you free accommodation.

4. There are so many competitions we hear of on the radio or on television that give away free holidays if you answer an easy question. Enter these competitions and sooner or later you will get lucky. Someone has got to win.

5. Ever thought of au-pairing in another country? This is a very handy way of experiencing a new culture and saving lots of money; you earn money each week and your accommodation is free but you may only get one or two days off each week! There are many websites you can check out or


Emma O’Rourke is our Food and Travel Editor




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