DCUFM hosts student radio takeover


By Aisling Kett


Members of DCUFM took part in the All-Ireland Student Radio Takeover last Saturday at the station’s headquarters in the Hub.

The radio station teamed up with students from universities such as Queen’s University Belfast and Trinity College Dublin for simultaneous broadcasts throughout the day.

Other stations involved in the takeover included Flirt FM Galway and ULFM Limerick. The takeover saw volunteers from all the stations involved working together to broadcast a number of shows from 11am to 7pm.

Volunteers began planning content for the event the day beforehand. Each show was an hour long, with news and sport every hour, as well an entertainment slot every half hour.

Participants were split into teams with at least one person from each university per team. The line-up of presenters for the talk shows and music shows was not announced beforehand meaning listeners had to tune in to the next show to see who would present it.

When participants were not compiling content for their show, or had finished their show, they spent time preparing news bulletins.

The event was Ireland’s first intervarsity event for radio. It was streamed online at dcufm.com and through the station’s iPhone app.

The other stations also streamed the event through their various media. Students were asked to get in touch with the show on the DCUFM website or using the #SRTO12 hashtag on Twitter.

DCUFM went back on air Monday February 27th. The station has recently purchased new equipment, including the ‘on-air’ light which turns red when shows are live on the air.

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