Review: Roses – The Cranberries

Love and longing: Two things Dolores O’Riordan did very well before The Cranberries imploded over 10 years ago. Originally rising on a tide of alternative melancholy-ridden songs, the band soon morphed into a wannabe, stadium anthem, crowd pleasing band.

That’s not what The Cranberries are about though. Their latest offering ‘Roses’ does a lot to regain excitement in the band. Eleven years since their last release, the band returns to the serene layered music they became known for. O’ Riordan compliments the deep strings with her voice. The finer points of the album include the slower ‘Conduct’ and ‘Roses’, with O’ Riordan uttering “life is no garden of roses”.

‘Tomorrow’ is the best piece of this album though, with its chirpy beginning, following throughout the number as O’ Riordan chimes “tomorrow could be today!” In the end, it’s all about her voice. Haunting and evocative, she still has it. Definitely worth a listen.

Rating: 3/5

Ciarán O’ Connor

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