Review: Fun – Some Nights

Fun are a band that fuse lots of different genres together, coming up with a sound that is familiar, but not so much that it has bred contempt.

Tribal rhythms in the title track, ‘Some Nights’, underpin powerful vocal harmonies. It sounds like a gospel choir performing with a samba band, and the overall effect is quite pleasant – not the kind of thing you’d hear very often.

‘Carry On’ and ‘It Gets Better’ are the kind of tuneful anthems that are a band’s bread and butter and great examples of how to do it right.

If All-American Rejects and Tracy Chapman met and had a baby, Fun would be that baby.

Having recently had a song on ‘Glee’, they might be dismissed as being fundamentally un-cool, but that would be too harsh. Yes, a few tracks made me grimace; ‘One Foot’ and ‘All Alright’ in particular, but overall this band is worth a listen.

Rating: 3.5/5

 Theresa Newman

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