Possible Facebook ban in library

By Gillian Fitzsimons

Discussions about banning Facebook on campus and in particular the library are ongoing between the DCU Students’ Union executive and Information Systems and Services (ISS).

Delivering the Executive Report at last Wednesday’s Class Rep Council (CRC), SU President Ed Leamy revealed that the SU had been approached by ISS regarding the usage of the social network.

When the proposal was discussed at an executive meeting, it was decided that Facebook is acceptable on campus apart from library computers. They felt that a ban on library desktops could be acceptable as they could be required by other students to complete college work.

However, the SU has no problem with Facebook usage on a student’s own laptop, as it is their personal property.

The discussion provoked many arguments within CRC – issues were raised regarding college group work as Facebook is commonly used as a means of communication for students in these circumstances.

Questions were also raised about other forms of social networking with some suggesting it was unfair to target Facebook alone. ISS is to look into the issue and make a decision in the coming weeks.


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