DCU radio attracts criticism

By Frances Mulraney

A new radio advertisement aimed at prospective DCU students attracted criticism on Twitter recently for its production quality, which many listeners felt was substandard.

TV producer Colm Tobin tweeted: “Fittingly, that DCU radio advert sounds like it was written and recorded by a first year communications student”.

The ad also attracted criticism from DCU students themselves. Alumnus Sarah Whiteacre tweeted: “The radio ad for DCU is rubbish. The amount of talent in @DCUfm and they’d never think of asking one of them to edit. Embarrassing. #DCU”.

Sound levels fluctuate greatly throughout the ad, which features the voices of a young girl and an older man commenting on the benefits of choosing a degree in the university.

It was released in the lead up to 6th year secondary school students filling out their CAO forms.

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