Paralympic gold medallist joins the activities on Disability Awareness Day

By Conor McTernan

Many students are unaware that there are currently 380 students with a disability registered with the Disability Learning Support Service in DCU.

Disability Awareness Day was staged last Monday as part of DCU’s Identity Week, which challenged students to answer the question ‘Who Am I?’

DCU Disability Service and Vision Challenge Ireland held an awareness expo in the Hub where students challenged themselves to experience what life would be like with a disability.

Padraic Moran, an Irish Paralympic gold medallist in the sport of boccia and student from DCU’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, demonstrated his chosen sport, which is similar to bowls, in the Venue, while other students played wheelchair basketball in the gym.

Disability Awareness Day took place just before Social Protection Minister Joan Burton was forced to withdraw a key budget cut intending to slash disability payments for young people by up to €88 per week.

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